Hats Off

I was a little blessed angel to adorn two hats at the start of my wonderful and joyous  journey  into this bold and beautiful world- a daughter’s hat: my wonderful parents


and a sister’s hat: my adorable brother and sister.

Slide2 I was growing up fast, studying so assiduously to become something in life and  thankfully I became one. Now when I  turn back the clock. I revel in joy. Yippee!! Hats off.

My daughter’s Hat taught me: What I am today- family bonds and its values, culture, belief, respect for elders, love for the young ones and last but not least importance of studies. Undoubtedly, I turned out to be  not only a considerate and loving but also a responsible person. I am proud to have had those moments.

My sister’s Hat trained me: How to help my sibling: be it homework or a household chore? How to share interests and feelings and of course above all toys? How significant is it to be a team player? Also, How to stand by in the hour of need? No matter how much we fought, argued this bond never  shatter and our roots will always be tangled.

The time machine was churning at a high speed changing days into weeks into months to years. I was ready to mingle, I was no more a single. Then came the perfect time. I was a gorgeous bride. Yeah! You guessed it right: I got another hat of a wife – A hat with duties and responsibilities.wpid-marriagelovequote Though I did not  follow Chankaya’s advice seriously, where he said a good wife serves her  husband like his mother, loves him like his sister and pleases him like a prostitute. I guess, I am doing pretty well.

We were busy making our nest of love and happiness and everything in between. And then…….  What you are  presuming is right. Definitely, it brought profound change to my  life. Really, my life was not mine anymore. The center of my universe was my fourth hat of a proud mother to a beautiful and loving daughter. I relinquished everything to her. Then, along came my son. I can go on and on, but I will try to run through. I am not  too sure whether I am a protector or a caring mother or a control freak. Probably I am all of them. No matter what but I will always be there to  make their life healthy and pleasurable.

mother quote Lastly, a mother is cognizant  that she nurtures  and  prepares her progeny  for someone else- for the  future would be’s.

I  am swelling with pride while bowing hats off to my hats!!