This is Life…..


This is Life……



The Daily Post

Welcome, Stranger

Think about the town where you currently live: its local customs, traditions, and hangouts, its slang. What would be the strangest thing about this place for a first-time visitor?

I am a small town girl presently living in a tiny city cum  capital cum country . The opulence and grandeur  of this place make it  exclusive. People are warm -hearted, affectionate and friendly. Life is fast, people are working hard like any other crazy city. At night  do not be amazed at how  bright sparkling  lights change the skyline along with the excitement.

 I warmly welcome a stranger  to my awesome country.  Truthfully, it is overwhelming, but at the same time its hospitality makes you feel at home. Most importantly, you do not have  to be anxious about a foreign land because  it is the safest place to be in. Be it a kid, youth or elderly, there are myriad of  activities for everyone. Explore its rich culture if you are a historian or enjoy its delectable cuisine if you are a foodie. Its sightseeing is not to be missed by a tourist. A leisurely stroll at the beach is picture perfect to relax, recharge and rejuvenate.

So, what are you waiting for ‘ lah’? Hurry! Pack your bags!! It is always summer here.


New Normal

Honey, I need ‘worry breaks’

After the usual long, exhausting day, there is nothing quite like reading  a  great book by none other than Robin Sharma. As I was reading, I came across the term ‘worry breaks.’  

 The idea of worry breaks sounds like the perfect escape from the constant worry, but its application and practicality left me a little dubious. Does it really work? Can I really do it? But then I thought that we do worry all day long.  We worry about our relationships, we worry about our  kids and their studies, their jobs, our dreams and our aspirations. The list is endless.  We are trapped in the vicious circle of fretting, worrying and  feeling agonized.  In this fast paced worrysome world, we have lost the time  to sit back, relax, laugh and enjoy.

This essentially means limiting our ‘worry time’ to perhaps 30 minutes an evening or an hour a day. In this scheduled worry session, we may feel exasperated just thinking about the senseless delays or be overcome with annoyance, but it’s important to remember that once this period ends, we must stop. We must stop worrying, train ourselves to leave our worries in the past and engage ourselves in something productive – maybe cook a fantastic meal or just have a meaningful conversation with the ones we love. If we feel worried or anxious during any other times of our day, we must jot it down and fret over it during our next worry break!

This may sound a little absurd at first, but we must admit, we’ve lost ourselves. We’ve lost ourselves in this spiral of constant distress and fretting over things that don’t matter. It’s about time we pause and reflect. We need to take worry breaks. We  need to unplug from the  chaos and reconnect.

 Worry or ‘worry breaks’- The choice is yours.