Age of Algorithm

Amazingly, in a span of a few years the internet has evolved from a high tech curiosity to a basic element of modern life. Every day, everywhere, billions turn to the internet for downloading and uploading pages and images among several other things. Over the years, the internet has grown exponentially. Undoubtedly, it is still growing constantly. It has not only revolutionized the world.  But it has also transformed the every sphere of life- be it communication, financial transaction, research, and education to name a few. It has completely changed just about everything- the way- we think, find information and how we shop and most importantly pay securely.

As the wired enthusiasts navigate the online world, surf pages and upload pictures and textual matters, little did they know that the whole thing is deciphered by revolving around the algorithm/s. How to search information with Google search engine and how to find friends on Facebook, all are governed by algorithm/s. It is important to note, the algorithm is not a newbie like this digital world. It is a mathematical term and is centuries old. It generally means a set of instructions to solve a problem. In relation to the internet, it is a sophisticated, fast and accurate tool which delivers results effectively and efficiently.


The algorithms handle this complex and complicated data, interpret, interrelate and interosculate in such a way that useful information is available in a jiffy. It does not take very long to line up all the possible results. It helps us stretch our imagination to figure out what actually we are looking for.

The algorithm/s can be called- the brain of the internet, which encrypts our personal information and data to help us to navigate this complex online world. It is the lifeline of Google search engine, e-commerce portal, online music and everything digital. The algorithm/s gets to work to display more than one hundred billion searches every month. Definitely, it is becoming one of the most important tool/s to manage the scale of operations, speed of execution and complexity of human nature. It maps the behavior of the consumers on the basis of their past search, thereby keeps an eye on their needs and wants and accordingly sort their preferences and choices. Hence, it anticipates and influences, human behavior. It also gauges the difficulties faced by the user while surfing. It is a mathematical term which has a name (Algorithm) but has many identities vis a vis to internet- tool, software, code, program or set of instructions. Whatsoever it is, there is a lot surfing on them. And did you realize, this is what you are using right now? Thanks to Algorithm!!

algo 2

What you search:  An algorithm monitors your interests, habits, keywords and throws up the best options. The online buying portal will have a different homepage for different buyers on the basis of the preference and choice of a particular consumer.

What you read: Depending on what you read you will be pushed a lot more on the topic on LinkedIn.

Recommendations: You will get recommendations on the basis of what you generally buy. If you are a book lover, most likely you will get a must read 500 books list from an e- commerce portal.

Understands you online: An Algorithm picks up information from images, text, videos whenever you visit Facebook, YouTube, e-commerce portal, etc. and then it tries to understand what you want and require. Therefore, it also anticipates your future online actions.

Isn’t this wired world amazing and  interesting but complex.





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