New Normal

New Normal



The fears and the aspirations of a parent and the inexperienced fumbling of a child result in a helicopter parent taking charge.Slide3

But meet the newbie in the town- The ‘No Rescue Parenting.’Slide2As the name suggests, these parents do not come to the rescue of their children every now and then. Rather, they are not apprehensive of the failed attempts and allow their children to truly experience disappointments and achievements, success and failure. They take a backseat and let the child be at the helm of his or her affairs. This can rightly be called as the learning with chills and thrills of experience. This will empower the child and will inculcate decision-making power in him or her. It will also introduce a new quality in the children of no rescue parents – one that enables them to effectively organize their affairs and take charge of them.

All of us as parents need a little shove to start focusing on the bigger picture. Yes, we don’t have to be totally indifferent ruthless per se but we must surely let the younger ones take charge. We just have to admit that they will gradually learn and can eventually do just as well without us. And anyways, we will always be there to guide, support and motivate them so that they make the right choices. Hence, stop just raising your kids start empowering them.Slide4

No rescue parents play a big part in helping their children in framing their questions properly and help them understand that considering a plethora of options before reaching a conclusion is necessary. The future of the next generation depends on the hunger and willingness to take the risk.

I am sure many of the parents will not find this concept appropriate or suitable for them. Perhaps having grown up in different and more prevalent style of parenting they cannot even think of considering such a seemingly absurd new concept but they must  broaden their horizons to truly see that this new style of parenting will ensure that their children are the ‘fittest’ in this race of ‘survival of the fittest.’

So let’s do the right thing now! Happy parenting!!output_soInuc