Mind the Mindfulness


Mindfulness is a mental state which  involves:

  • focus
  • awareness
  • living in the present moment

and recognition of

  • feelings
  • thoughts
  • bodily sensations


In this topsy-turvy world, we are busy juggling work and home. At work, we  juggle deadlines, performance and the work-home life balance among a million other things. Ironically, at home too we juggle love, money, happiness, relationships and beyond.

In this endless pursuit, we tend to forget to mind the mindfulness, which means living in the present moment without being judgmental.  No wandering over the  past and more importantly concerns about  the  future. This is definitely a challenge but has always been the essence of the happiness of a person who has cherished life.

While at a philosophical  level, it  inculcates MIND-(M-myself, I- import instantly, N- saying no, D- to digress), reinforces consequences and enhances  knowledge for holistic development. At a superficial level, there is an aspiration to live a blissful life. Whether it is about a person who endeavors or about a person who yearns for his efforts, in the end, we all crave to live a cheerful, complacent, contented life.

Thus next time while driving a car, watching your favorite show on television or surfing a computer if your mind strays to chase remember to mind the mindfulness. It comes with practice. But, are you keen to kick start your journey for a better you?